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Between the 22nd and 31st October 2010, 11 members and leaders of Activate Youth Club went on a fun-filled trip to a Greek island called Agisrty!


After many long hours of travelling and waiting around, we finally arrived at our hotel at about 11am Saturday morning. 3 appartments. One for boys, one for girls and one for the leaders. At one point, one leader nearly moved in with the girls as she found a cartain leader was a loud snorer! No names mentioned, Tom.


The trip was filled with many activities including walks around the island, swimming in a bay, "Treasure Hunt" around the island, boat trips, snorkelling in a sunken village, live music at a taverna, Wii games night and even a football match with the locals!! As expected, we won!


During our free time, we came up with many ways of keeping ourselves entertained. Volley ball on the beach (with no net...), card games, the 'who am I?' game, and we even developed a little thing we called "The Stupid Book". During the time on this island, this book began getting filled with many silly or stupid quotes said by members AND leaders! It also included a few silly things that people did aswell. I'm sure that if you ask at the club, you will get some examples of what was said and done!


Finally, we all got the morning ferry back to the mainland and headed off towards Athens. We found many things to keep us occupied in the city including a visit to the Acropolis, and something the girls in particular enjoyed. A bit of shopping! Eventually, we made it back to the airport and, after some more long hours of waiting, we made it home.



(Above) A group photo of everyone who went on the trip on some sort of light-house. Taken by Christos. Boat owner and resident of Agistry


(Above) Everyone getting ready for a swim.

(Below) Group photo of everyone after the football match.

For more photos, visit the following links! A facebook account is not needed to view them.





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